Christian Streich and Freiburg and a fairy tale that took

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Freiburg have a chance to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. For the first time in the history of the club. After just breaking into the DFB-Pokal final for the first time under the supervision of Christian Streich. The longest-serving coach in the Bundesliga at present.

, his performance is not. Is there any secret or formula for success? But it is a long-standing bond and foundation of a man who has worked behind the scenes. Since 1995 and is also a former player – when he was just 30, he joined the club’s youth teams. Ready to step up to get a full-time coach in 2012

, now aged 56 years, Stritch had to break through a lot of thorns. Both relegation in the 2014/15 season before returning immediately and now with a lot of hard work to scramble to finish in the top four of the table. the UFABET report

Last summer they had little tweaks to a team that finished 10th last season and are seven points clear of Europe’s quota, and although they’ve come further, Streich’s attitude. And the team is still stuck on the ground, not changing like when they made the first 10 unbeaten games of last season.

“We must continue to develop. Stay humble and work hard,” he said. “I won’t let myself be blinded by the colors and our work.”

There are only two games left and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the European quota is in their hands. because if the score is dropped The situation could turn to Leipzig, Cologne or Union Berlin, which are already in line.