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Be careful! breakfast the more you eat.

City life is so hectic that we miss out on the most important meal of the day. breakfast Hoping to eat just to fill my stomach. Do not hang your stomach until lunchtime. 1. Milk Some people may have heard that Milk should not be taken on an

Advantages of plant protein.

Plant proteins found in nuts and grains. rich in nutrition It is considered a clean protein that does not cause disease. Because it contains phytochemicals that are beneficial and good for health. In addition, plant protein is easily digested and easily absorbed. fewer calories than animal protein. There are more good

Benefits from Walnuts.

If we say that “walnuts” can help reduce cholesterol. And also provides various benefits. To the body, many people of we will be interested or not? If interested, let’s continue reading. 1. Lower blood cholesterol Walnuts are full of folate, vitamin E and good fats. Although walnuts provide high energy. but did not cause weight

The benefits of Natto for health.

Natto is a fermented food making it more nutritious than soybeans. a rich diet Probiotics are bacteria that have many health benefits. Such as helping digestion. It helps the intestines to absorb nutrients easily. There are also many other health benefits as follows: Natto helps improve the digestive system.