Be careful! breakfast the more you eat.

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City life is so hectic that we miss out on the most important meal of the day. breakfast Hoping to eat just to fill my stomach. Do not hang your stomach until lunchtime.

1. Milk

Some people may have heard that Milk should not be taken on an empty stomach. It’s a matter that I understand correctly. because if we drink milk on an empty stomach can cause bloating Or in some people, it may also cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and diarrhea as well. The solution is simple. Don’t drink pure milk. alone eat alongside other foods by eating food first followed by milk This has helped me a lot. But if anyone really has a problem with drinking milk It could mean the gastric juices in your stomach are unable to digest the milk. May try to see a doctor for a thorough diagnosis again.

2. Sausage, ham, bacon

We often see these foods in American breakfast bars or American breakfasts. As many people know, it’s actually taken.  UFABET These foods do not contain nutrients that are good for the body. If you eat once in a while, it’s okay. But if you eat the same thing often And there is no other food along with it. That means we only get our morning nutrition from starch. poor quality protein and fat only Therefore, it should not be eaten often. Or whenever you eat sausage, ham, bacon, you should eat it along with carbohydrates, protein and minerals from fresh vegetables.

 3. Cereal

A simple western-style breakfast that you can eat. Get full quickly within minutes. But doctors discovered that in the cereal. Especially children’s cereals Only flour and sugar whole grain nutrition or various grains very small quantity. In addition, the 5 groups are not yet complete, so let the cereal be the last option. Only on really urgent days.