Benefits from Walnuts.

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If we say that “walnuts” can help reduce cholesterol. And also provides various benefits. To the body, many people of we will be interested or not? If interested, let’s continue reading.

1. Lower blood cholesterol Walnuts are full of folate, vitamin E and good fats. Although walnuts provide high energy. but did not cause weight gain in any way The right amount is 1 handful per day.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease. prevent clogged artery lining

3. It is a food that provides energy. helps to fill the stomach but not fat It is food for people who are controlling weight. I don’t want to get fat in my belly

4. There is fiber that helps in the matter of excretion better.

5. Contains Antioxidants Helps nourish the brain, heart and skin.

6. Prevents amnesia Because walnuts help destroy free radicals and some chemistry The cause of dementia

7. Reduce Stress UFABET

8. Reduce high blood levels to return to a level of balance to the body

9. Solve insomnia from melatonin naturally present in walnuts

Just 1 handful of walnuts a day can provide many benefits to the body. Seeing that today we have to rush to buy and eat the whole house, don’t you agree?