‘Rice’ pushed Pao to the side of Frankfurt.

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West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice has criticized referee Jesus Gil for siding with Eintracht Frankfurt. Throughout the game, losing 0-1 in the Europa League semi-final second leg last night, the

Hammers went down to 10 men in the first 20 minutes from Aaron Creswell’s red card. Frankfurt took the lead 1-0 from Rafael Borre’s 26th-minute strike as the winner gave them a 3-1 aggregate win as they progressed to the 2021/22 Europa League final against Glastonbury. Skow Rangers

Rice said: “It’s probably going to be sacked. But the other decisions are sometimes very bad tonight.

” When you have someone opposing you. You probably won’t be able to do much.”

“We’re hurting. Our whole team has come a long way. We don’t have the best squad to play more than 50 games every week.”

The young ball boy dropped the ball towards the pitch – rather than throw it – and Moyes retaliated by kicking it back in his direction. the UFABET report

He was deservedly shown a red card by the referee, Jesus Gil Manzano.

Now, new footage has emerged of the incident that earned Moyes a red card, clearly showing his intentions of kicking the ball at the boy.

“I’m also proud that there are only 10 people left to play like this. A lot of teams are going to fold up and lose three or four goals

. We will fight to the end It hurts, but I’m proud of everyone.”