Tuchel ‘disappointed’ Chelsea failed to quit after Everton

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel admitted he was “deeply annoyed” by the 1-0 defeat to Everton in the Premier League .

Chelsea have played 34 games in third place, leaving Arsenal down to just three points with four games remaining at the end of the season, with Chelsea still having an FA Cup final program to play in. In the middle of this month.

“We all hate defeat. We are responsible for it. unable to maintain playing standards and keeping a clean sheet That’s why we lost this game. And Wehave to play flawlessly. Discipline in playing and stop playing When you can dominate the game We may not be playing our best. But we can control the game. But when we make one mistake It’s already killing the whole game. Because it’s all that opponents want is to score goals. It’s something that happens a lot for us this year.” The UFABET Report

“Right now we play four games in two weeks. We only got one clean sheet. That’s what needs to be fixed. If we are satisfied with just the form that is OK, that’s enough. That’s not enough. Chelsea is a team that only wants to perform at the highest level. And that’s what happened in the last four games.”

Chelsea have played in their last four Premier League games, winning 1, drawing 1, losing 2 and conceding 6 goals. Wolves