The Best Online Tennis Betting Guide

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Learn more about online tennis betting in this article. Both types of bets, odds, strategies for making profitable bets. Ensure that after reading this, you will be confident in betting on the Felt Ball game right away.

When talking about sports games that people around the world bet the most. Of course, it’s football for sure. But when talking about the most popular single-player sport must be given to the sport of tennis which is a single player sports game with the most bets Because besides the game being very entertaining, tennis betting is also a game with many possibilities. Tennis games are very suitable for live betting. Including the fact that there are not many athletes such as Federer, Nadal and Djokovic who have held high rankings for the past 10-15 years, predicting the results is quite easy. Not only that, tennis is also a game where the referee has little influence on the outcome. Make predictions without many variables to hinder. สมัคร UFABET

Get to know the sport of tennis

Let’s start with the history of this sport. Tennis was first discovered around the 13th century in France. and starting with using hands instead of tennis rackets After that it expanded its popularity to England and was widely played in high society. In Thailand, it was played during the reign of King Rama V by the British who entered the country. 

Popular online tennis betting formats

Tennis betting is quite unique and different from betting. All other sports For example, Spreads and Over/Under bets are not counted from the score points, but instead from the sets, etc. And so that the bettor can better understand the tennis betting style. Today we have compiled a basic online tennis betting pattern for readers to know. 

  • Match Betting , also known as Moneyline, is a bet on which tennis player will win the game. The advantage player will have a sign (-) next to the odds. And the disadvantaged players will have a (+) sign in the same place. For this type of bet, the odds are subject to change at any time. The winning amount depends on the betting direction of other bettors. 
  • Spread Betting or Handicap Betting is similar to football and basketball. It is a bet on a player you think will perform better than expected but will eventually lose. or for betting on a player who is expected to win the match and you think will win overwhelmingly.
  • Outright Betting is a bet on any player that you are sure to win a tournament. And it is the easiest and most suitable bet for new players. 
  • Over/Under Betting is a bet on how many sets it takes for a match to win. The bettor is not required to select a winner. Just have to choose the correct duration of the competition only. 

For example , Nadal and Djokovic play 3 sets in total. Over/Uder odds may be set at 22.5 games. You must expect at least 23 games to be played, so if Nadal wins (7-6, 6-4), 23 games are played in total, you win your bet. On the other hand, if a match is over (6-3, 7-6), you lose your bet because only 22 games were played.