“Tammy” credits Wolves fans to lead the team to victory.

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Roma forward Tammy Abraham has credited the team’s supporters for helping them win over Leicester City to lead them to the Conference League final

. Just was the important person to score the winning goal for the team from a corner kick to win. “Blue Foxes” 1-0 through to the finals of the Conference League with a 2-1 aggregate score against Feyenoord

“before the game started. The fans made us win,” Abraham said after the game. Report by UFABET

“We heard them from the moment they entered the pitch and throughout the warm-up. We heard them even when we weren’t on the pitch. This victory is for them and my team. Hopefully we can win the title in the end.”

Tammy Abraham grabbed the winner as AS Roma booked a place in the inaugural final of the UEFA Conference League with a 1-0 victory over Leicester City.

“Me and the team tried a lot. You have to give your best We left everything in the field. At the end of the game I was breathless, he [Mourinho] told us to keep going and we did.

“Everyone will see (Making a difference to Mourinho’s squad) I said from the start that it might take some time. But when we get to know each other better It will produce good results.”