Guardiola after the defeat to Real Madrid 

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola spoke after their 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in extra-time. That puts them at the end of the Champions League path, that’s all.

“The Magical Night at the Bernabeu” happened again. With Manchester City’s lead early in the 73rd minute from Riyad Mahrez and Real Madrid had to score at least two for overtime. And it happened in the 90th minute and 90+1 from Rodrygo’s two goals, before Karim Benzema’s extra-time penalty. It led the team to two games 6-5 on aggregate and saw Manchester City miss out on a second successive final, while Real Madrid reached the final for the 17th time in the club’s history. the UFABET report

“It was a very cruel feeling. We are very close to reaching But we can’t reach it anymore. In the first half we didn’t play well enough. But we weren’t punished for anything. After scoring the lead, we can still do better. We met the rhythm of our play. and the players can play comfortably In fact, we did not face any penalties. But we didn’t play at our best. It’s something that happens normally. It’s the final and players will feel themselves under pressure. it can happen And we can only accept it.”

“We need to give it some time. and go back to our people who are waiting at home.”

Manchester City have only one hope left of this season with the Premier League, where if they win all the remaining four games they will immediately win the Premier League.